The variety amongst us is the essence to the power that we don’t seem to fully grasp. People and change are the variables that keep us attained to this magnificent obra of a magnificent creature that exhales gas through it’s nostrils more frequently and is approaching at a very alarming rate the point of no return — now with the United States presidential election closer and both the Democrats and the Republicans having selected their candidates to represent them, there is a chance to improve expansively in how we communicate about the candidates proposals and their intentions of improving the country. In a constantly ever evolving society of the United States, the normal forms of communication, have not expanded, thus angles is an attempt at trying to reach by way of simple mathematics, which solely consists of adding a point of view based on a issue that is pressing to write and post for the purpose of sharing a point of view and helping illustrate a background of someone who is involved or is thinking whether or not they should participate in the democratic process.

There is a vote for a candidate and there has to be an expectation attached to this right of being able to participate in the decision to choose a elected official to represent them. The expectation for the elected to official to act in the best interest of its constitutents, should bear a sort of weight that is partly held down by accountability for the official that was elected through the casting of the ballot. The candidate made a promise to their voters to follow through during their time stomping the streets to talk with the people that make up the district they intend to represent. Modern politics are put then in a situation where this notion of an elected official following on their word, has just not been the actual case in real life. There are no doubts that a globalized world, there is a new entity for a lot of people to adapt to responding at changes that come a lot more often and forces a great divide which pits those that are ready and those that are still stuck in a world that stays in shadows as the people have a hard time seeing much of anything, abstaining from proper discussion, negating change has taken place, which in conclusion puts the people at odds with their intuitions, at times being susceptible to the uncertainty, relying on this false notion that america can revert to the past and the good times that were part of an era that is long gone, denying that the global markets dictates far more than they ever did before when they were young.

Discussion, as a tool to enhance knowledge is one of the strongest proponents of maintaining the education on issues that one is familiar with, as well as those issues that they are not as familiar with. Having a moment where a challenge propels to change a way of thinking, or seeing the issue from a different perspective is a magnificent proposal to enhance the time left until the voters head to the polls. Within politics and its advancements — specifically the highway of information, one can seek a discussion, without talking to the person right there in the spot at the exact moment. Angles, provides a quest into a discussion with not just the person exposing their views but also with the person within one self, absorbing information, evaluating their mindset to maintain or change their stance to the plethora of issues that Republicans and Democrats stand behind for or against, participating in ways they have never had a chance.

Let there be more talk, more words being typed and in general a higher level of participation, it is not enough sitting and letting others along with the various media outlets to forcefully shape a far fetched view that is part of that shadow realm that is imposed to create havoc by applying an agenda of disenchantment, where trust is unexpected to survive. More civic involvement and looking for sources beyond television, can improve the next months before election day to be  much more of a pleasant experience that will in no doubt influence others to take a much deeper part in this democracy that is on the brink of electing another president to be at the helm of one of the most influential countries in the globalized world.

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