The Middle Class (or the lack there of)


The middle class has disappeared, where the mobility towards a better future has all but

been squeezed out the bottle, is there really anything that anyone can do?

The American dream which came to be very much alive and running after World War II,

was the most dream­like ideal living situation for a world that was stricken by war just a

couple years earlier. During a period where Europe began its massive reconstruction, the

United States was advancing in the manufacturing sector, while also developing as a

world economy. As a powerhouse, the government of America was able to give a life of

its own to its middle class, reaped with benefits the key factor that made the American

dream so important to so many people was how it encapsulated the idea of prosperity,

that was very easy to attain as long as one was willing to work very hard to get it. A

middle class was a living testament for decades of how much a person could prosper by

working so that they could move up from the bottom, and make their way to the middle

class and as a result, receive in way, a reward which in a lot of cases rounded out to be a

very nice life.

The way those prospered and formed the largest class, was a living testament to the ideal

of a middle class that was so powerful in a country with tremendous upside — the middle

class unlike most other middle classes from other countries around the world, had been

buying a home, which by the fifties, was converged into a thriving scene that catapulted

many families out of the city and into the ever expanding suburbs. The solidification of the

middle class became evident as they began filling the long green pastures with rows of

homes and portions of dreams being built, where no one had built before. This suburban

expansion took the middle class, baby boomer generation into a period of construction

that encapsulated into perhaps the greatest period of prosperity that western civilization

has ever seen, as the expectation of wealth accumulation, was the normal reality to those

who lived through those golden years of higher wages in relations to cost of living. As the

decades continued to grow more homes and those same baby boomers had left the city

to live in another home farther down ti another township, had now themselves started to

buy their own homes. Prosperity evolved from being able to buy a home and then owning

that home, to their children having the same chances that they did to prosper and in a

way become the middle class that was seen as the champion of the American Dream in

the United States. There was a sure expectation that these baby boomers would go on to

have better jobs and they were also going to the benefit of the American Dream, working

diligently to improver their own family situation and give their kids same chances to


Since its inception trough its evolution, the middle class was and to some extent is still a

mayor rock bed in the foundation of the United States. It is without a doubt excruciating to

then refer to this American dream that has for been the ideal behind the plight of the

working class, who is the largest segment of the American population, as a dream that

was, regretfully implicating its concept that such reality was now to be accompanied in a

past tense, because as of now the American dream of being able to create a better future

then the one their parents created for them is not real, as the dream is not as achievable

anymore unlike it was for those predeceasing generations before them as the current

generations face a much tougher road to emulate the results that implicate achieving the

American dream.

Americans had been born into generations where it was highly probably they were going

to be better off, now it’s not entirely clear what makes this divide paint such a different

picture. Which in turn also leads to pose the obvious question, can a United States be

able to revert this trend and build back a middle class that over the past decade has been

astoundingly displaced from its place as the heart of the American nation. The idea that a

dream of a life that is filled with opportunities, suddenly becomes a frivolous road of high

risk where stagnant wages, limited job opportunities, are some of the factors that have

played this sort of script reversal that pits the darlings of American society with a cruel

sense of suspense of whether or not the person is more worried about surviving paycheck

to paycheck rather then worry about what home they are going to buy. The normal is now

been flipped, and that has got to make it one of the top issues for the incoming election.

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