Broke, stuck, in need of adjustments — Immigration is again a tremendous issue that polarizes the views of the people all over the United States. The platforms of immigration in which both the democratic and the republican presidential candidates are running for are of a very distinct nature, as the democrat candidate accompanies the promise of adjusting immigration, while the republican candidate is bent on making more enforcement a much greater reality. Which one is the best, is up to the person who is placing their vote on November eight, but a reminder of what the promises that each candidate is making based on their beliefs that will perhaps make the right modifications about the broken immigration system which might help clarify the confusion and lead a person to make their best decision as to which candidate promises are the best fits for policies that have to do with immigration, in the land that has been forged by immigrants.

A wall as a symbol of being inclusive for those that have been residing inside the United States. That is a goal for the Republican candidate, that seems to be their view of a country that would have a wall built as an extension of just how much they seek their inclusiveness in “their” America. Enforcement of the border, restriction of immigration, accompany such views from republican share as members of the GOP, so their stance on immigration is very hard and staunch to repel as much as they can those that dare come into their country illegally and even more those that continue to do so without any care for the law as repeat offenders. With a candidate that  is so caught up in pushing more restrictive policies, harsher screening of immigrants, the republican candidate calls for a national security towards a frontier through the involvement of scapegoating an entire other country, to make a case at this notion of reinforcement with much more extensive laws that seemed are inevitably needed to address the weak enforcement by the current presidential administration.

On the opposite, the democratic candidate, has the view that is on a level that is much less restrictive that has a more extensive outlook that works in response to the prevalent issues that have to do with the separation of families and the placing of people in detention centers often times for the sake of profits by those private entities that run such operations. The candidate for the democrats intends on placing a use of laws in which they would  be attempting to not separate families, as well as attempting a level of continuity that would integrate those programs made by the Democrat president to maintain a valid and somewhat understanding route of adaptation for immigrants, that often case are risking their life in trying to make it from all over the world, for the sake of getting a chance at entering the United States. The democratic candidate is adamant that such individuals as well as those that have been residing here, can have a path to stepping out of the shadows. Overall the Democratic platform in which the candidates proliferates, is not the same as the one from the Democrat president, but nonetheless, stands for increased rights of immigrants and a call for a higher level of protection for those immigrants targeted unfairly by previous presidents, thus promising an immigration system looking to innovate and work to solve the presiding logjams in immigration courts. Another adjustment planned by the candidate to extend the executive order made by the Democratic president that is known as DACA in order to continue to give immigrants inside the United States  the chance to make a significantly better life then they would of most likely had made in their country where they were born. Those immigrants that qualify are for those students that acquired and paid the fees to get their  DACA card, as well as a lof of their parents through DAPA. As of now those card holders that are more than four million people are awaiting an extension to such programs. There is a sense of a valid integration, to those who qualify.

Enforcement is going to be present in one way or another, whether a republican or democrat is holding the oval office. The democratic candidate if elected will continue enforcements, while perhaps not separating families, and perhaps closing detention centers, while on the opposite side of the spectrum, the republican will bring enforcement to the forefront of immigration policies that is conducive with more local and federal law enforcement to actively persecute a large segment of population that regardless of how they came or stayed, they still strongly contributes to the U.S. economy.

It’s not night and day different, but without a doubt, there is a vague difference between the stance of the republican and the democratic candidate, as the latter resorts to a less restrictive posture on immigration, then that of the republicans and their selected candidate whose abstract attitude can make pretend believe that the flows of world immigration are capable of being controlled completely with a physical wall. The immigration system can not be broken forever, the United States, does not have that luxury.  A globalized economy taking more important part of a world where more countries are growing and their economies are making strides the United States has to keep receiving immigrants (legally or illegally)to help upstart the country’s advanced capitalist machine that makes the country stay atop, as a great democracy and a place where ideas continue to be shared at a magnificent pace, as a result innovating the United States and a lot of other places all over the word.

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