The Digital Age is coming through in waves; there is a lot that is happening where technology is constantly transforming a lot of different aspects of how we get things done within our society.  The Internet of Things, or “IoT,” is the continuation of the transformation of the internet into a whole other interactive phase, as the net is now more than just a window to check the news or write a status update on a social media account. The x-factor in all of this change in process is laid up in the shoulders of the race towards a reality that has artificial intelligence intertwined with a modern society where the fruits of labor are going to be delegated by a more cost effective model, that is perhaps going to be fully capable of replacing a domestic labor force, if it creates a more favorable profit margin. As of now the state of intelligence can do something as complex as being able to drive a car, albeit not all great successes are happening to create a chaos, there is no doubt that the automation is replacing workers at an ever -expanding rate.The capabilities of a robotic labor force, is at a state where they are extracting insights from everyday interactions and decides what to do next with all of that information that is stored in the cloud. Once ai has experience from having driven in roads, then perhaps they can make decisions that are safer, and perhaps even come close to being something that is seen as impossible as being accident proof while driving on the roads.

It is the fact that the Internet of Things is based on different types of appliances that are able to communicate between each other, whether it’s a thermostat, a fridge, a vacuum cleaner, there are a lot of ways of making a home that is more energy efficient with the internet playing a huge part of the inner workings which make a toaster be able to talk with a fridge in the kitchen. As the current level of technology allows communication to take place, there is an expectation that such interactions will lead to there be more efficiency in the hopes of using less energy in their homes.  It is expectations for the people who now have these capabilities through Iot in their homes, a big part of the reason as to why they are doing such changes have a great deal to do with understanding that their life should become easier and at the same time efficient. .

Outside of the house, IoT can also take a sharp turn in helping rearrange other environments; as smart cities can utilize these new capabilities to improve the monitoring of its residents that use public transportation, while the agricultural sectors can be tremendously assisted with their crops, as machines have been developed to working with the crop and expropriating it, without the assistance of a human hand. Additionally, another segment of society will benefit is the healthcare industry, as with better monitoring, their work can have a different level of detail into the making of decisions in their everyday interactions with their patients.

The way all of this is happening is not magic, it lies on the data of objects, that are acquired through sensors, where the current level of Artificial Intelligence is gathering information to process and make decisions: what part of the day are we more likely to turn the heat down in a house?, to where should the bus line be during peak times of rush hours in a growing city?, or when is the best time to irrigate the growing crops in a field of tomatoes?  

AI tracks you, learns from you and most importantly, it is communicating with you. This might not just be for entertainment purposes only, but for the sake of learning our habits, our uses for the computer, assimilate how it is that things work and that way, the level of artificial intelligence can absorb as much information as possible, in a quest to adjust its abilities of helping us by helping out relieve the stressful parts of our normal day to day situations. In the future, I believe not to far off from now, the advanced level that AI  will reach will lead  for products that use a voice command like, Siri or an Echo, will be able to speak more in context with a person that is close to you, that knows about you, and can have a  great comprehensive conversations — they are there for you, when you are happy and they are there to cope with you when it is the opposite and you are feeling down in a mood that is rather sad where you would not want to speak to someone else.

Communicating an order command to a speaker is one thing that  seems has been achieved rather out of nowhere, that seems simple for humans to comprehend, when all they have to do is buy a product that you can have a level of communication that is based on the consumer asking questions to a product rather than manually search for the answer on their computer, tablet or cell phone. One thing is for sure, it is not magic, it does not seem to be easy for the computer to break down all the  information, yet there is progress that takes places every day, which makes artificial intelligence an entity that like the internet, can regroup itself, changing into a whole other different level in comparison to what  they were before.

Artificial intelligence is as I believe, not far from becoming acquainted with a user to such an extent that the ai can have this repertoire built between them and their users, that can include a computer with a charming trait, than can use a sort of humor that allows it to comfortable crack jokes with a person that is using it, when it is least expected. This is a dream team of sorts, as the artificial intelligence is working with humans to make things simpler, and out of that, there should be a positive outlook that after the waves of transformations that will come as technology continues to change our way of living, we can assume a clearer role and settle towards a comprehension of a new digital age that can converge the new generations to be more productive, as well as more conscious of their surroundings by having another element normalize practices that are more efficient and help the environment in the tremendous chore of saving energy or simply using energy in a way where it is not wasted like a TV wastes energy while it is plugged to the wall that no one is watching during a segment of the day, or a furnace that heats a home where no one is present for more than a half of the day.

It’s a like a secret, one that is slowly appearing around you, it just comes in changes that you see more frequently throughout the year,  but each year it is surely harder to ignore how much of our everyday live is being affected by the changes brought by the uses of new technologies,  making its new gadgets with its new inventions become a bigger presence  that is felt among those who have access to the new features of these new appliances. There will be a continuous phase that brings at a constant, the element of change into our ordinary routines and realigning the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the technology that is being worked to solve the issue and make our society one that is more simple, as simplicity is the overall aim that is being made  through the implementation of the  internet of things and its relationship with the technology that is working for the purpose of continuing the development of artificial intelligence that can interact with us and help us make our life easier so that we can focus on solving more complex problems.  

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