The future is here, well sort of, but really there are a lot of new facets that are coming out of nowhere from both the left and the right,  which makes one think, what are all the consequences from the fact that every year, there seems to be the introduction of this new technology that is changing the way we do things and with that, the way in which we think of how to get something done in our house or accomplish a  task when we are going to do errands. The technofuture, does not just include the blasting out of the speakers with the best selection of songs from a rave at a festival of electronic music, but it also includes the chance for change to make all of our society a lot more capable of doing things that our parents and their parents probably did not imagine that could be possible, in certain aspects — It’s a whole new ballgame out there with all the technological advancements that continue to come out of the market into products that are meant to make a consumer’s life a lot easier. If everyday life becomes a lot easier and humans do not have to work as long or as hard as they had before, and the daily tasks take a lot shorter to do, then what is going to happen when there is suddenly a lot more free time without as many responsibilities as there once was.

One aspect of technology that is clearly present and more people are beginning to see as a reality is that the machines that work with us through their artificial intelligence might indeed  behold the key to the  life that everyone always wanted — one of those realities is a way of  life that  might not have humans attached to having a job for the majority of their lives. No one can predict, what exactly the future has in store, yet,  there is no excuse to not want to dream and think, what would a life be without having a “9 – 5” job, which currently seems to be  a ridiculous prospect, but perhaps not one that is completely out of reach for the future younger generations, whose attachment to the waves of technology, might allow them to live a completely different life with much different occupations.

Obviously for jobs to not be required, there has to be a substitute force that  takes care of the normal everyday actions that we take everyday in our jobs. There is an example of technology within the Manufacturing sector, to go as far as create a factory whose tasks are all done by machines and are under the supervision of artificial intelligence. This is a reality that is growing not just in the United States, but all over the world, and albeit there might still be a longshot until a factory becomes completely ran by ai, yet there are more and more non human workforce working and substituting the traditional human labor force.  In other words, currently there are  a lot of robots that have already taken the work out of the hands of those factory workers who had been building cars, while in the sector of  agriculture, there are machines that can monitor the growing of a seed into a plant. When the crops are ready to be picked, there are already crops that are being collected and not just by humans, but also by the mechanisms that have been designed as machines. This could be the official  beginning to a new way of living, a  track towards a life without working full time by being at a job for the typical forty or more hours per week. The future then for the commercial automotive sectors as well as a growing segment of the agricultural sector is here, they represent the change that is coming as we have robots to help or completely take over the tasks that we have been doing for decades.

Automation is what this transition  is being called, where there are robots, machines with artificial intelligence that have been programmed to be doing the tasks that humans have been doing, their ability to labor for long periods without rest is without a doubt supplanting humans, as the labor force that can work all of the time, being able to get more work  done. This is not just happening in labor intensive fields, as tax preparation companies are able to provide services with bots who can file a person’s taxes. So a machine with the correct algorithms can move from doing other tasks that don’t have to be dealing with physical labor that blue collar workers have been doing only, they are also becoming present in customer service that goes as far as being able to file all of your taxes without need to have any human interaction. No industry will be safe by these changes, and just like blue collar jobs are disappearing, the  white collar workers in their industries are not automatically saved from losing their job during this period of automation.

If technology continues to develop at an exponential rate, then how long until we have to not worry about waking up early to get ready for work? There are a lot of theories that claim one year over another, but there is no actual timeline that says  the exact year of when the machines we continue to create will help us make a world with no major jobs for humans to work on without the help of some sort of artificial intelligence. If automation is going to change the way we work, then there probably has to be two outcomes.

A single possible outcome, which has been discussed in the previous paragraphs, seems to be extremely hard to imagine exactly how a world without jobs for people, due to the fact that we are part of a world that functions based on the labor that takes place day after day by us, thus if there is this future with machines taking over for us and as a result there are not going to be any jobs, then we as humans are going to have to cope with a life that will not have many responsibilities. No one would argue against a world where you do not have to work, that might seems ideal at first, but there will probably become much boring later on, as the week tends to drag with all of its seven days. Humanity could not be happy forever, just by hanging out and not doing anything, humans are to be active and they have to explore.

That is why the other outcome which would be  the complete opposite, and hopefully a future  that is more likely, would keep humans working, developing from all the help, new tasks that can be completed with the help of automation. I am a firm believer that  humans will find a way to keep busy the only way that we know how, which is by inventing new jobs that fulfill a purpose, that with these occupations can reach new heights, explore new frontiers that will keep us going in some direction, rather than just in one place, contempt from robots being able to keep a house clean.

Regardless, no matter what the outcomes are, there is also a probability that for some might be scary, while for others, they might welcome such possibility that creates a new reality for us to live in with a redefined purpose. Becoming used to a technofuture, for the longest time that I can remember, seemed to be a  reality that was once thought of as a picture inside of a sci-fi flick, but there is no doubt in my mind that technology in all parts of our life is the future of things to come and most likely as this technology that makes change possible, starts to grows in a much advanced capacity, it is going to have a chance to become smarter than human in certain aspects, which undoubtedly will add to our capabilities and will have a long lasting impact on our identity of how we complete our work  compared to how they were done by us and our ancestors. Future is not a movie, there are a lot of inventions and creations that make those items we might of seen in movies dealing with traveling into the future, seem like toys of the past. Artificial intelligence, is here to stay, and it will make us decide our outcome once it becomes embedded into our society to the point where we are accustomed of working with machines on a daily basis.

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